About iCrave Coaching


Welcome! My name is Tara Sareen.

I hold a degree in Marketing and Psychology from Providence College and am a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach. After I received my undergraduate degree I stayed home to grow…and grow…and grow… my family. During these years, I fell in love with health, nutrition and personal reflection, and learned many wellness strategies to raise my eight children in grace and good health. When my youngest child entered preschool, I chose to pursue my education in Health Coaching. I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Certified Health Coach.

At the same time, I began teaching my meal-planning program to fellow Health Coaches – this extended across the USA and into Mexico. In 2013, iCrave Coaching was born and I have since enjoyed coaching professionals, business owners and executives. Because I also love to write, I am a contributor for wellness sites such as MindBodyGreen (NYC), Daily Cup of Bloom (Australia), Lovestyle (Canada) and the American Association of Fitness Professionals (Maryland).


I speak regularly for local and state organizations and enjoy creating workshops for wellness-oriented institutions.

Above all, my favorite part of coaching is witnessing the dramatic transformations that take place in my clients week after week.

Referrals available upon request.

About my coaching:

  • Is your body your ally?
  • Does your body give you the energy and vitality needed for your personal and professional life?
  • Does your body help you say a greater yes to life? Or does it sideline you?
  • Does it allow you to enjoy work, life and the people you love?

These are my favorite questions to ask, because they go to the heart of health — mainly, what is it for? Health is never for its own sake — it facilitates the life we want most, the life we envision everyday. Health serves the things we hold most dear.

Coaching exists, very simply, because it helps one to achieve with another what one cannot achieve alone. Effective coaching gets you out of your own way, enables you to change course and empowers you to restore your health.

my coaching method

is built on my core belief that nothing in life is against us and everything is an
opportunity for self-growth and awareness, new discoveries and change.

Within a unique one-on-one coaching partnership, my clients:

  • Learn how to incorporate healthy eating strategies into their busy lifestyles
  • Achieve and sustain their ideal weight
  • Embrace personalized exercise schedules
  • Strengthen their immune systems to reduce colds, flus, and seasonal allergies
  • Feel younger, happier and healthier
  • Identify food sensitivities and intolerances
  • Gain more energy
  • Reduce inflammatory conditions, such as: Autoimmune diseases, Diabetes, Migraines, Infections, Anxiety, Sleep disorders, Skin irritations, Joint pain, Depression, Digestive issues, Brain fog and Lack of concentration

I coach highly motivated business executives and professionals from diverse fields and backgrounds, but they often say the same thing, “I can run a successful company, but I can’t figure out how to eat or when to exercise.”
Does this sound like you?
If so, my unique coaching strategy for busy professionals might resonate with you. My focus lies in transferring client skills from professional life to wellness. For example:

Are you motivated at work? Let’s set concrete goals for your exercise routine.

Are you good at creating systems? Let’s build infrastructure to support meal-planning.

Are you a natural delegater? Let’s identify a team to support your health.

Are you resourceful? Let’s make a “mental toolbox” full of daily wellness strategies to draw upon.

“I feel so fortunate to have worked with Tara Sareen at iCrave Coaching. She provided the support, education and action plan that put me on a path to a happier, healthier me. My newfound energy has truly made me a better mother, free of migraines, nausea, and brain fog. The most exciting revelation was how this transformation transcended into all facets of my life including clarifying my career, family and personal goals. Working from the inside out, Tara has a wholehearted awareness and patience for personalizing her programs. Tara is an amazing healer of the body and soul!” – Event Planner
iCrave Coaching

small changes


Over twelve sessions, through small steps and increasing victories, my clients create new and unique lifestyles, not one-size-fits-all diets or fragile short-term habits built purely on will-power. They achieve consistency, not perfection, and this is vital to “real world” healthy living as busy professionals. The result of a cleaner, healthier lifestyle is weight loss, healing, a newfound appreciation of self-care, a stronger spirit and a younger body.

Who doesn’t want these?