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A Different Approach to Wellness at iCrave Coaching

When it comes to health, the needs of women and men are different.
This is most apparent when I ask:

“How did your health become what it is today?”


The answer from men often reflects these 5 issues:

Long work hours

A general lack of knowledge about wellness

A long-term inattention to the subtle signs of declining health –
yearly weight gain, digestive issues, high blood sugar

An urgent need to alter stress responses
(example: living on caffeine for breakfast and lunch, only to eat everything in sight at 8pm. You know who you are!)

A problem of infrastructure —
the lack of simple supplies and mental strategies to make lasting changes

What male clients enjoy most about their sessions is the notable absence of nagging and lectures. Instead, we have a great time trying new approaches, building skills, and developing a mental toolbox of wellness strategies that can be utilized in every setting they face, professionally or personally.
iCrave Coaching for Men

health coaching is the solution if you wish to:

  • Learn which foods are aligned with your greater health goals and which foods sabotage your wellness.
  • Heal symptoms of getting old quickly – fatigue, joint pain, muscle aches, headaches, digestive issues, reduced sex drive and irritability.
  • Discover the best portion sizes to meet and fuel your true energy needs.
  • Learn how to incorporate exercise and physical activity into your long workdays and demanding travel schedules.
  • Lose weight and gain energy through small successes and achievements.
  • Really enjoy taking an active role when it comes to your health, while relying less upon immediate family members.
  • Feel less intimidated by the “rules” of health and begin to appreciate wellness for what it is, a self-discovery process.
  • Respond to stress effectively, so that it does not dominate and confuse your eating patterns.
  • Become a better husband, father and son – not simply because you know more – but because your newfound health allows you to suddenly want more from your body and your life.


“Tara is an extremely knowledgeable health coach. I began seeing Tara because I have battled Crohn’s disease for well over 25 years. Combine that with diabetes, and I turned out to be an extremely difficult case. Tara patiently worked with me to understand my illness and to understand how my diet effects my illness. We made small adjustments at the beginning, but then she held my hand through the elimination diet. While I lost 20 pounds in the process the elimination diet allowed me to identify certain food groups that were contributing to the negative side effects of my Crohn’s disease. For the first time in 25 years I really felt as though I made progress. I could not have done this without the kind and expert assistance from Tara. She is a wonderful coach and I’m happy to say a friend for life.” – CEO, Manufacturing