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A Different Approach to Wellness at iCrave Coaching

We are the heart of our homes and the heart of our businesses. Whether we are checking off our household to-do lists or guiding our clients or employees, we are a continual presence of strength and security. This presence defines our lives in the most beautiful ways and we wouldn’t trade it for anything. And yet… if we neglect our own deeper needs for wellness and vitality, we become fragile and satisfaction eludes us on a daily basis. As a business owner and mother of eight children, I understand these challenges very well.


Imagine a coaching partnership that creates the golden pathway upon which you can set and achieve all of your wellness goals – all the wishes and desires you have stored up or shelved over time. Envision lifting them off the back burner and bringing them into the light where true change can happen- with someone who praises your achievements and guides you through your challenges. This is the power of personal coaching.

May I ask…

Have you ever felt alone and overwhelmed by online “diet” searches?

Are your food choices based solely on willpower?

Have you ever left a dressing room depressed and empty handed?

Do you wish someone would swoop in and create a path to weight loss and wellness that fits into your unique reality?

Whether you are looking to lose those extra stubborn pounds and feel confident in the dressing room, or embark on a more aggressive path to healing, the key to success is a coaching partnership. This unique partnership creates space for sustained guidance, accountability, and goal setting.

Health Coaching for Women

health coaching is the solution if you desire:

  • A deeper understanding of how food affects mood and function
  • Detailed meal-planning support
  • Achieving your ideal weight
  • Greater physical and emotional energy
  • Appropriate, sustainable exercise routines
  • Healing or improvement to chronic conditions (skin and GI issues, infections, headaches, depression)
  • Clarity and confidence
  • A slower aging process
  • Newfound attention toward personal reflection and self-care
“I can’t say enough about Tara Sareen from iCrave coaching. As a new business owner you can imagine what little time I have for myself. I noticed the extra weight creeping on. The fatigue was so extreme, I felt like napping after just waking up. With such a tight work schedule, time to myself slipped away, as did my health.

I ended up having back surgery for a herniated disc. After I healed, I decided it was time to take better care of myself and make the time. But I didn’t know where to begin. I’m 47 years old and I didn’t know how to take control of my own health. I was so busy taking care of my family and my new business, I forgot about ME! Then I met Tara from iCrave Coaching. Tara is amazing- she taught me about food and helped me understand what my body needs. We identified my food intolerances and she helped me change my diet and lifestyle. The benefits have been so noticeable. I feel better, sleep better and overall have better mental clarity…not to mention the weight loss! It’s nice to fit into clothes I haven’t been able to wear in a long time. Tara customized everything for me. In my opinion, we all need a health coach. As a woman and a business owner I forgot about me. Tara taught me how nutrition really is the key to a healthy body and life!! Thank you, Tara, from the bottom of my heart. Your knowledge is priceless!” – Salon Owner